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Since “Brexit” and the new regulations that came into effect on 1st January 2021, you may find yourself in a position of requiring a visa to work or/and live in Spain. At first glance, obtaining a visa appeared to be “mind-blowing” however we have focused our attention on the visa requirements and after many meetings with several different companies, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Simon Ellison of “Spanishvisa4u” who offer a professional service specialising in obtaining Visas for non-EU citizens.

If you can answer the questions below and reply to us with your answers, we may be in a position (with your authority) to ask Simon to contact you to start the visa application. Or if you prefer, we can send you Spanishvisa4u’s details where you can make contact directly with them.


–     Are you a member of the EU?

–     Have you a criminal record in Spain?

–     Are you prohibited from entering Spain?

–     Are you legally allowed to return to Spain?

–     Can you meet legal requirements to start your economic/professional activity.

–     Have you proof of sufficient financial investment.

– Are you prepared to buy your business to support your application before the visa being granted?

–     Have you proof of sufficient financial resources to support yourself whilst living in Spain?


Living and working in Spain is still an option for you! Yes, there are now further requirements for non-EU citizens, but with the help of Bars Abroad working in conjunction with Spanishvisa4u, this can still be a reality!

We look forward to working with you and helping you with your move to Spain!

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