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Buying A Business

When you run a business you have to pay several different taxes and outgoings every month and some every three months.


You pay your rent every month to your landlord. This is generally the most expensive outgoing when running a business.

Terrace Tax

This is tax you pay if you have a public terrace with your business. This is paid to the town hall to be able to use their “space”, for example, on a pavement. This tax is paid once a year and varies depending on the size of your terrace.

Retention Tax

This tax is paid every three months and is around 21% of your rent.

Community Fee

This fee is paid to the community the business is based in. Not all businesses are based in a community with apartments on top, but if you are, you will normally have to pay a community fee to the complex. In some communities you will have the water included.


This is a fee for your rubbish, bottles, plastics etc, so you can use the bins on the street.


We advise everybody buying a business in Spain to get an accountant to help you with your income and taxes. The fee depends on the size and type of business and the number of people you employ. To start your business and get all your legal paperwork and licences in place before you start trading will cost you between 2,000-2,500€.

If you are having employees…

Social Security

This fee is paid every month and covers your employees health care including sickness, maternity, pension and unemployment insurances. This fee varies depending on your type of business, ages and contracted hours.


You pay this every 3 months along with your retention tax. Again depending on how many employees you have and their type of contract.

For yourself…


You will need to get business insurances for contents and public liability.


It is a self employed status which you pay for every month. There are usually offers for the first 6 months when you get your autonomo. This also helps you to build up a pension and covers your basic health care.

Other expenses you need to put money aside for are electricity, water, wifi, TV boxes (Sky etc), telephone, rental equipment (coffee machine), pest control etc.

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